19 March, 2022Pens in use

I had 16 pens inked up and in use.

Blue Wing Sung 3008 (IEF) filled with KWZ IG Turquoise Silver Wing Sung 30 (IEF) filled with Noodler's Lexington Gray Orange Pilot Custom Heritage (Fine) filled with Birmingham Winter Garden Snowflake Blue TWSBI ECO-T (IF) filled with Birmingham Albert Einstein Relative Cadmium Pink TWSBI Diamond 580AL (IF) filled with TWSBI 1791 Pink Orange TWSBI Diamond 580AL (Extra Fine) filled with TWSBI 1791 Orange Green TWSBI Diamond 580AL (Fine) filled with TWSBI 1791 Prairie Green Emerald TWSBI Diamond 580AL (0.5mm CI) filled with TWSBI 1791 Emerald Green Prussian Blue TWSBI Diamond 580ALR (IM) filled with TWSBI 1791 Sky Blue Purple TWSBI Diamond 580AL (IF) filled with TWSBI 1791 Royal Purple Blue Matte Pilot Vanishing Point (0.5mm CI) filled with Birmingham Winky's Hamburgers Root Beer Iris TWSBI Vac 700R (Extra Fine) filled with Private Reserve Plum Nickel Gray TWSBI Diamond 580ALR (Extra Fine) filled with Birmingham G.C. Murphy Tarnished Nickel Black Aurora Talentum (Extra Fine) filled with Organics Studio Emily Dickinson Posie Pink Brass Moonman T1 (Fine) filled with Noodler's El Lawrence Blue Diplomat Aero (Extra Fine) filled with Noodler's Blue

16 inked up pens