Currently Inked We who are about to run dry salute you!

I always have a few (9) pens inked up and ready to go. There is no official rotation, just pens I happen to have filled with ink for one reason or another. These are those pen and ink pairings.

Iron Turquoise Wing

Blue Wing Sung 3008 (IEF) filled with KWZ IG Turquoise for 3 years. Refilled once 2 years ago .


Wings over Lexington

Silver Wing Sung 30 (IEF) filled with Noodler's Lexington Gray for 3 years. Refilled 2 times one year ago .


Relatively Eco

Blue TWSBI ECO-T (IF) filled with Birmingham Albert Einstein Relative Cadmium for 2 years.


TWSBI Double Pink

Pink TWSBI Diamond 580AL (IF) filled with TWSBI 1791 Pink for 2 years.


TWSBI Double Orange

Orange TWSBI Diamond 580AL (Extra Fine) filled with TWSBI 1791 Orange for 2 years.


TWSBI Double Emerald

Emerald TWSBI Diamond 580AL (0.5mm CI) filled with TWSBI 1791 Emerald Green for 2 years.


Iris of the Plum

Iris TWSBI Vac 700R (Extra Fine) filled with Private Reserve Plum for one year. Refilled 2 times 4 months ago .


Tarnished Nickel

Nickel Gray TWSBI Diamond 580ALR (Extra Fine) filled with Birmingham G.C. Murphy Tarnished Nickel for 10 months.


El Moon Man

Brass Moonman T1 (Fine) filled with Noodler's El Lawrence for 10 months.


9 inked up pens