3 April, 2015Pens in use

I had 9 pens inked up and in use.

 TWSBI Micarta (0.5mm CI) filled with Montblanc Leonardo Red Chalk Clear TWSBI Diamond 580 (0.4mm CI) filled with Noodler's 54th Massachusetts Clear Aurora Optima (Medium) filled with Sailor Jentle Epinard Dixie #10 Red Rebellion Noodler's Konrad Ebonite (IM) filled with Diamine Oxblood Makrolon Lamy 2000 (0.6mm CI) filled with Rohrer & Klingner Sepia Ghost Koi Scriptorium Pens Idyll prototype  (IM) filled with Rohrer & Klingner Cassia Orange TWSBI Diamond 580AL (IM) filled with Waterman Inspired Blue Clear TWSBI Mini (IM) filled with Diamine Pumpkin Black-Blue Pelikan M605 (0.7mm Stub) filled with Rohrer & Klingner Scabiosa

9 inked up pens