Seeping Micarta

Wherein my TWSBI Micarta (0.5mm CI) is paired with Visconti Sepia.

On my TWSBI Micarta (0.5mm CI) joined its comrades when it was filled with Visconti Sepia. The pen was in use for 3 weeks and was emptied and cleaned on , saying good-bye to its fellows.

 TWSBI Micarta (0.5mm CI) filled with Visconti Sepia

Thoughts Before Filling

I was given six ink samples for Father’s Day, and today I decided I want to try them all out! I stay with brown inks in the Micarta, so it gets to try Visconti’s Sepia ink.

Thoughts After Cleaning the Pen

I wrote this pen dry, using it in my personal/private journal on an every-other-entry rotation. It’s darker and wetter than I prefer, and while on its own is a good ink, it doesn’t offer me something I’m missing with my other brown and sepia toned inks.


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