Iron Blue Idyll

Wherein my Tibaldi Impero Celluloid Scriptorium Pens Idyll (IM) is paired with KWZ IG Blue #6.

On my Tibaldi Impero Celluloid Scriptorium Pens Idyll (IM) joined its comrades when it was filled with KWZ IG Blue #6. I refilled it 5 times; the last refill was on . The pen was in use for one year and was emptied and cleaned on , saying good-bye to its fellows.

Tibaldi Impero Celluloid Scriptorium Pens Idyll (IM) filled with KWZ IG Blue #6

Thoughts Before Filling

It’s been far too long since I’ve got to use this pen, and since I need a pen for a blue waterproof/water-resistant ink for my youngest daughter’s diary I’m giving this iron gall ink a try. I’ve used it before and enjoyed the color. Now it’s time to see how it does in this pen.

Thoughts After Cleaning the Pen

I definitely have mixed feelings with this combination. The color was great, but the ink would gum up in the nib, often resulting in hard starts. I did clean the pen a couple of times during the year, immediately refilling with the same iron gall ink. So far as I can tell there has been no issues with the nib and feed, though there is some slight staining to the converter. I still love the color of the ink, but I’m not sure I’ll return it to this pen any time soon.


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