Cassis Black Ivory Darkness

Wherein my Ivory Darkness Noodler's Ahab (IF) is paired with Platinum Classic Cassis Black.

On my Ivory Darkness Noodler's Ahab (IF) joined its comrades when it was filled with Platinum Classic Cassis Black. I refilled it 6 times; the last refill was on . The pen was in use for one year and was emptied and cleaned on , saying good-bye to its fellows.

Ivory Darkness Noodler's Ahab (IF) filled with Platinum Classic Cassis Black

Thoughts Before Filling

This year I am using waterproof (or at least water resistant) inks for my daughters’s diaries. So I’m using a red iron gall ink for my eldest.

Thoughts After Cleaning the Pen

I like the ink, but I like it better wet. The oxidized color isn’t bad by any means, but the richness of the red when still wet is quite a visual delight. Spending a year writing with an Ahab provided me with a new appreciation for the pen. It was comfortable to write with, and I never had problems with it. Because I enjoyed writing with the pen I decided to buy three new Ahabs dedicated to these diaries, and I’ll give the pens (and maybe the ink too), with the diaries, to my daughters.


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